Ormsby Educational Center will visit in November to present their programs at an assembly.  The assemble will be held at East Aurora High School and all sophomores will attend.

    Ormsby Educational Center Field Trip will be held in December for sophomores planning to attend as juniors.  Permission slips will be distributed after the assembly.  Once permission slips are returned to the Counseling Center, students will be eligible to attend the field trip and view three programs of their interest.

    Tips for Success...

    Believe in Yourself:

    • Recognize your talents and abilities and believe that you can succeed.

    Concentrate on Your Academics:

    • Attend class and stay focused.
    • Take advantage of activity period and after-school help.
    • Form a study group.
    • Use your planner to keep organized.
    • Make homework an important part of your routine.
    • Hand in all school work on time.
    • Prepare for all quizzes and tests.

    Get Involved - Try to join at least one club or activity - This is not only an important part of high school life but it will help you when you need letters of recommendation for college applications.

    Make Wise Decisions - Remember that your actions have consequences and that prospective colleges and employers contact schools to ask about school, class attendance, and behavior as part of their reference checking.