• College is an important investment in your future.  A wonderful resource to help you with the monetary aspects of higher education are Scholarships. The East Aurora High School Counseling Center has put together a list of resources that we hope you will find helpful as you get ready for this next important step in your life.   Please pay close attention to the Local / WNY Scholarships.  This category is geared more toward local organizations that would like to award their scholarship funds to area students.  Therefore, the amount of applicants are lessened as opposed to applying for State and/or National Scholarships.  When applying for any scholarship, it is important to adhere to the below suggested recommendations and to prepare the anticipated information early in the process.   

    • Letters of Recommendation - Give the writer of the recommendation ample time to compose their recommendation letter.
    • Deadline Dates -  Adhere to deadline dates shown on the applications.
    • Essays - Edit and proof all essays.  All essays should be typed.
    • Community Service -  Some applications will require a list of Community Involvement Projects that you have participated in.  These service projects could include Scouting, Church Activities, Boy's and Girl's Club, Community Sports Programs, etc. 
    • Extra-Curricular Activity Participation -  These could include sports, mentoring, tutoring, school club participation, volunteer work, etc. 
    • High School Transcripts -  Request your High School Transcript from the Counseling Center. 
    • Acceptance Letter -  Many scholarships will require an Acceptance Letter from the college you will be attending.
    • Delivery of Completed Application -  Please proof your entire scholarship application and required documentation for accuracy.  Make sure all requested documentation is enclosed.  Some applications will have the submittal address as the East Aurora Guidance Counselor Office.  It is important that you are aware that we will not check the application for accuracy and verification of all requested documentation.  This is the student's responsibility.  

    Please keep in mind that the scholarships listed on our website are just a small fraction of the number of scholarships available to you.  We highly recommend that you expand your opportunities by searching scholarship websites and speaking with a representative from the College you will be attending or prospective Colleges.