Career Information

    Career View Career Center - www.collegeview.com

    Career Zone - www.nycareerzone.org

    Princeton Review Career Database - www.princetonreview.com/careers-after-college.aspx

    Workforce New York - www.workforcebuffalo.org


    College Search Engines

    College Quick Finder - www.collegeboard.com

    CollegeNET - www.collegenet.com

    Collegeview - www.collegeview.com

    Go College Searching - www.gocollege.com

    My College Guide - www.mycollegeguide.org/index.html

    Peterson's Home Page - www.petersons.com


    Colleges in WNY

    Brockport State College - www.brockport.edu

    Buffalo State College - www.buffalostate.edu

    Canisuis College - www.canisuis.edu

    Daemen College - www.daemen.edu

    Erie Community College - www.ecc.edu

    Fredonia State College - www.fredonia.edu

    Geneseo State College - www.geneseo.edu

    Hilbert College - www.hilbert.edu

    Niagara County Community College - www.niagaracc.suny.edu

    Niagara University - www.niagara.edu

    St. Bonaventure University - www.sbu.edu

    Trocaire College - www.trocaire.edu

    University at Buffalo - www.buffalo.edu

    Villa Marie College - www.villa.edu

    Other SUNY Schools - www.suny.edu

    Private NYS Colleges - www.nycolleges.org

    Ontario Universities - www.ontariocolleges.ca/portal/page/ONTCOL/Home


    Electronic College Applications

    The Electronic Common Application - www.commonapp.org

    SUNY Schools - www.suny.edu/student/oas/welcome.do:jsessionid=9e3023d579ac5b149132622646b755e4b29


    Financial Aid Information

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid - www.fafsa.ed.gov

    Higher Education Services Corporation - www.hesc.ny.gov

    The Financial Aid Information Page - www.finaid.org


    Job Search

    America's Job Bank - www.ajb.dni.us

    NYS Civil Service Examinations - www.cs.ny.gov/jobseeker/public/stateexam.cfm

    NYS Department of Labor Electronic Job Search - www.ny.gov.services/employment

    WNY Jobs Weekly - www.wnyjobs.com


    Military Career Information

    Military Career Guide Online - www.todaysmilitary.com

    ROTC Information - www.colleges.collgetoolkit.com/colleges/browse/rotc.aspx

    US Airforce - www.airforce.com

    US Army - www.goarmy.com

    US Coast Guard - www.uscg.mil

    US Navy - www.navy.mil



    College Board Interactive Scholarship Search - www.collegeboard/com/pay

    FastWEB Scholarship Search - www.fastweb.com

    FTC's Scholarship Fraud Warning - www.finaid.org/scholarships/protecting.phtml

    Mach25 Scholarship Search - www.collegenet.com/mach25

    SallieMae Scholarship - www.salliemae.com/plan-for-college/scholarship



    ACT Assessment Homepage - www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act.hmtl

    ASVAB Career Exploration Program - www.asvabprogram.com

    College Board-SAT, PSAT, AP - www.collegeboard.com

    Education Testing Service - www.ets.org


    Other College Information

    College Walking Tours - www.collegiatechoice.com

    High School to College - www.petersons.com/highschool

    My Major - www.mymajors.com

    NCAA Guide for Student Athletes - www.eligibiltycenter.org

    The College Planning Web - www.collegeplan.org

    US Department of Education - www.ed.gov

    US News College Rankings - www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/college/corank.htm

    Virtual Campus Tours - www.ecampustours.com