• New York State Graduation Requirements
    Your school counselors will keep careful track of your progress towards the EAHS diploma.  The following are the requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma:       



     4 Units

     Social Studies

     4 Units


     3 Units


     3 Units

     Health .5 Units
     Art or Music  1 Units
     Physical Education  2 Units
     Foreign Language  1 Units
     Total Required
    22 Units


    Students must also pass (65%) NYS Regents Exams in:

    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Global History & Geography
    • U.S. History & Government
    • English


    For New York State Advanced Regents Diploma

    Students must pass the above exams as well as two additional mathematics and one science Regent exam. 

    Students also need to successfully complete three years of foreign language and pass the Regents exam after the third year.

    Instead of foreign language, a student may take 5 units of art, business, Ormsby or technology.