Freshman Advisory Group is a group of approximately fifteen students led by one teacher or counselor and two seniors to which you will be assigned to.  The first meeting will be held during freshman orientation, which is typically the last Thursday in August.  These meetings will continue throughout the school year during the activity period.  During these meetings, students will learn about upcoming events such as school spirit week and Regents exams.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about anything that needs clarification.

     Meet the Freshman is an opportunity for your school counselor to get to know you.  We will meet with each of you in September. 

     How to be successful in high school is to concentrate on your academics and get involved:

    • Attend class and stay focused.
    • Take advantage of activity period and after-school help.
    • Form a study group.
    • Use your planner to get organized.
    • Make homework an important part of your routine.
    • Complete all school work on time.
    • Prepare for all quizzes and tests.
    • Try to join at least one club or activity - this is an important part of high school life that will help you when you need letters of recommendation for college applications.

     Make wise decisions - your grades this year become part of your permanent transcript that will be used when you apply for college.  Remember your actions have consequences and that prospective colleges and employers contact schools to ask about school, class attendance, and behavior as part of their reference checking.