• Web Page Evaluation Web Page Evaluation

    Web Site Name:_____________________________________
    URL - http://_____________________________________
    Yes No NA Author/Credibility--Who owns the web site and why
    Is the author's name and email address included?
    Is the web site affiliated with any major institutions?
    Does the individual or group that created the site have an expertise in the subject?
    Does the author's/group's affiliation appear to bias the information?
    Content - Does the web site contain accurate, reliable information
    Is the purpose of the web clearly stated?
    Was it update recently? When?
    Does it contain meaningful and useful content?
    Does it contain original content?
    Is any sort of bias evident?
    Does the content appear to be fact or opinion?
    Does the information appear to be accurate?
    Does it contain primary source material?
    Are the links up to date?
    Are the links evaluated?
    Is the grammar and spelling correct?

    Student Evaluator(s)