• Homework Policyhomework
    General Information:To receive full credit in Mrs. Seibold's class, all homework must be neat, complete and on time. All answers must be written in black or dark-blue ink or pencil.  In addition, questions should be answered in complete sentences unless students are informed otherwise. 
    Absence: Work needs to be completed as soon as the student returns.  One day of extra work time will be given for each day the student was out ill.  
    Late Work: Late work will not be accepted unless the student was absent the day the assignment was due.  It is still important for students to complete all homework as the answers are reviewed in class. This will ensure that the students have complete notebooks, providing them with valuable study materials.
    Lessons: When a student has a lesson, they should see the teacher before class.  The student should also turn in their homework at this time.
    Long-term Scheduled Absence: If a student knows that he will be away, he needs to inform the teacher as soon as possible, so materials may be gathered and distributed before the absence occurs.  Often, it is better for the student to complete the work, with the teacher's help before the planned departure.
    Objective: The purpose of homework is to practice skills (such as reading for information), manipulate material for recall and synthesize information.  Homework is not "busy work".  All assignments are given careful consideration and are meant to prepare the student for the challenges of the state assessment and the high school.