• Expectations & Grading

    ~Students are required to bring necessary materials to class each day.  This includes: a covered textbook, workbook, binder with organized divider pages, looseleaf paper, pen/pencil and homework.  Also helpful are a highlighter, colored pencils (for certain projects) and a red pen.

    ~Please be on time - which means being prepared and in your assigned seat when the bell rings.  3 lates = detention.  Please take care of personal needs in between classes when reasonably possible.  No food (unless you’re sharing!), gum or drinks (except water when it’s warm) should be brought to class.

    ~Everyone has the right to learn.  No one has the right to keep others from learning!  The Golden Rule is an old one but a good one!  Mutual respect among classmates and students and teacher is critical to growth. 

    ~Generally homework is assigned each night to link class concepts from day to day and provide reinforcement.  If there is a night without a written assignment, it is expected that students will review notes and vocabulary.   Consistency in completion and quality work is very important.  Students begin each quarter with a 100% homework average.  The grade will be reduced by 10 points if an assignment is not complete when checked at the beginning of class.  (ex.  Miss 3 homeworks, = 70% hmwk. Avg.)  Many opportunities for extra credit points are given (flashcards, online practice quizzes, items with Spanish brought in) and it is more common that students will earn 102% for their quarter homework grade!  Effort is rewarded.

    ~Absence work after a legal absence is due within one week of your return.  Carefully plan to make up missed assignments, quizzes & tests at a mutually agreed upon time.  This is your responsibility.

    ~Spanish classes usually have lessons containing the components of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the target language and incorporate cultural points whenever possible.  It is expected that students will attempt to speak Spanish in class to voluntarily practice communicating in the target language.  My observation of your attitude and participation in class is reflected in a Participation grade each quarter.  BLITZ is another tool used in class to reflect the knowledge and speaking abilities of a student.  Blitzes are like mini oral pop quiz questions that average out to one quiz grade per quarter.

    ~Grading:  A typical quarter will contain a 5 week and 10 week homework average (out of 100), mini-quizzes (out of 10-50 points depending on the gravity of the material), quizzes (out of 100), BLITZ (out of 100), participation (out of 100), Tests and most Projects (100 points then weighted double).  It is a point system ultimately, where the quarter grade is determined by the total number of points achieved out of the total possible points.