Welcome back.....

       In September, we will begin the year by reviewing specific classroom procedures and policies to help students acclimate themselves to the new expectations and routines of 7th grade. Students will be given a Student Contract which provides clearly stated classroom expectations,  homework and grading policies as well as a test and quiz policy. Students and parents  alike are encouraged to review these policies and expectations to ensure a smooth transition from 6th to 7th grade and get ready for an exciting year of science ahead! Time will also be spent discussing lab safety procedures and equipment to be sure all students stay safe this year when working in our new lab.
       Our first unit of study involves a review of the Scientific Method, metrics and measurement, identification of science laboratory equipment, safety rules and parts of an experiment.  This first unit involves a review of concepts previously learned in the earlier grades with a focus on increased understanding of these basic concepts. For each unit of study, students will be given a notepacket which has been designed to help students learn how to take well-organized and concise notes along with utilizing their study skills to improve their comprehension of the information.