• Mrs. Hopcia's Procedures and Expectations

    Welcome to 7th grade.   I am pleased to have you in my class, and I am looking forward to getting to know each of you.  Our goal this year is to help you gain independence as a student.  We will work on various study skills, presentation styles, and organizational techniques that will help you mature not only as a learner but also as a person.  I am positive that if we all work together, this year will be enjoyable for everyone.  Good luck in all your classes.

                                                                                                                                        -Mrs. Hopcia


    Below is a list of important information that will help you be successful in my class.


    GRADES (Total Points)









    Twice or Double

    Unit Tests

    Twice or Double

    Final Exam (cumulative)

    Twice or Double


    Homework Grades*                                                   Major Project Grades**                   

    Homework is usually worth either                              A+ = 97-100                 C+ = 77-79

    100 points or 50 points.                                                A   = 94-96                   C   = 74-76

                                                                                               A-  = 90-93                   C-  = 70-73


                                                                                               B+ = 87-89                   D+ = 67-69

                                                                                               B   = 84-86                   D   = 65-66

                                                                                               B-  = 80-83                   F    = 64 and below


    *All LATE homework assignments                           **All LATE projects will receive a 20%  

      will receive a 10 % deduction                                    deduction


    ZEROES will be given for:

    1. A homework that the student turns in over ONE week late.
    2. A small homework that the student does NOT have done by the start of class.  We will be going over the answers in class, so no credit will be given.  Students will be told when assignments will only be checked not graded.

    1.      Below are our classroom rules:

    ¨      Listen to the teacher and to each other

    ¨      Talk when all others are done speaking

    ¨      Ask before touching other people’s property

    ¨      Bring all necessary materials to class

    ¨      Be respectful to ALL!


    2.      Below are the consequences for breaking the rules:

    ¨      1st offense – a warning

    ¨      2nd offense – pink slip

    ¨      3rd offense – detention and phone call home

    ¨      4th offense – sent to the office



    7th grade Social Studies is the first half of a two year program.  The second half will be completed in 8th grade.  Students will be studying American History for both years.  In 7th grade we will cover:

    ¨      Geography

    ¨      Native Americans and Explorers (Clash of the Cultures)

    ¨      Colonization and American Revolution (Road to Revolution)

    ¨      Life in the Early 1800s (An American Identity)

    ¨      Civil War (Brother vs. Brother)

    ¨      Manifest Destiny (Westward Ho!)




    Below is a list of supplies that you will need for my class:

    ¨      A BLACK 1 inch three ring binder with pockets

    ¨      Dividers for your binder (5)

    ¨      A composition notebook

    ¨      Pen or pencil

    ¨      Highlighter

    ¨      Textbook with a COVER!