• Middle School 
    Grading Policy

    2015 - 2016 School Year                                                  
    Instructor:  Mr. Walleshauser


    The grade that you receive is the grade that you earn.  Students are not graded on talent, but on their effort and attitude, and how well they meet the criteria for each project.  Each project has it’s own specific assessment rubric,  and students will know exactly how they will be graded before the start of each project.  Students will also receive feedback from the teacher during individual critiques and class discussion.

    The grading criteria for each project is based on the New York State Standards for the Arts, New York State Regents Goals, Discipline Based Art Education, and on the information taught at the beginning of each project.

    Project Assessment is based on:

    20%   Individual Project Criteria
    20%   Effort & Perseverance
    20%   Craftsmanship & Skill
    20%   Attitude & Participation
    20%   Class Rules & Procedures

    Project Grading Scale
    97 – 100  Superior Work: Exceeds all criteria and demonstrates outstanding effort in learning and working.
                     Always strives for high quality work.
    90 – 96
      Excellent Work:  Achieves all project criteria. Always works to the best of their ability.
                    Work is very well done.
    80 – 89   Above Average: Fulfills most criteria. Works hard to complete work.
                    Work is always well done.
    70 – 79
      Average: Meets some Criteria. Completes projects with lacking finish, and effort.
                    Chooses easy solutions and completes them indifferently.
    65 – 68
      Below Average:  Projects completed with minimum effort. Does not finish the work adequately.
                    Projects are incomplete.
    64 – 0
        Failure: Projects not completed, no evidence of effort.