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    Mr. Walleshauser

    Middle School Art builds on previously acquired skills, introduces new techniques and media, and develops freedom of self-expression in each student.  A wide variety of projects are included in the program, and a range of media and techniques may be used within each category.  The program features different artists, and cultures throughout the year. Each unit is developed around the Elements and Principles of art.   All projects are linked directly to the New York State Standards for the Visual Arts.

    As an artist and teacher, my mission is to provide a meaningful art education for all middle school students.  Students will experience a wide variety of visual art activities in a climate which encourages and nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and individuality of expression.  By guiding students in the development of their artistic skills, knowledge, creativity, and values, we will enable them to realize their artistic potential and to make informed aesthetic judgments, as they become consumers.  I aim to foster an attitude of respect for individual differences and cultural diversities, and to develop a life-long appreciation and understanding of art.


    Contact Information -

            E-Mail:   Dwalleshauser@eak12.org 

            Phone:    687-2452  Ext. 6340