• 2014 Talent Show


    Date: TBD 

    Tickets: Tickets will be sold during school lunch periods beginning in early March.  Announcements and posters will be offered to provide specific information.   

    Types of Acts:  We will consider any appropriate act that shows talent.  In the past, we have had singers, string quartets, dancers of all styles, bands, comedians, skits, lip sync, jugglers, tumblers, baton twirlers, instrumentalists, and a hula-hooper.  Students can also combine talents.  For example, one child can sing while the other accompanies on the guitar or piano. Be creative.  

    Auditions: Auditions for the show will take place after December break.  Sign-up sheets will be located on the back counter of the middle school office.  Students must arrive at their audition prepared with music, instruments, any props, and completed act.  We want to see the full act as it will be performed in the show.  An incomplete act or missing materials/props may reduce your chances of making the show.  Any 5th-8th grade student may audition, alone or as a group.  Auditions are competitive and not all who audition will be placed in the show.

    Stage crew jobs are available if a child wishes to volunteer.

    Host: Once again, a student will host the talent show.  This duty will be offered to 8th graders only.  The host's responsibilities include introducing the acts and helping with the transition between acts.  Host auditions will take place in January.  The host will be required to be at all rehearsals and will be asked to dress professionally for the show.  Hosting tandems will be considered. It is not possible to host and also be an act in the show.