• Why do we Write?
           Kelly Gallagher provides several reasons why learning to write is an important life skill.  Below is a list of the reasons
           taken from his book Teaching Adolescents Writing.  We will discuss these at the beginning of the school year as
           a motivational lesson before our first writing assignment.  

    Sample TREC Paragraphs:
    TREC is used for body paragraphs in expository writing and can also be used for one paragraph short response questions.  The 8 sentence TREEREEC format will be the primary body paragraph format for this year's essays. TREC can be adapted to longer or shorter paragraphs depending on the paragraph that needs to be written. 

    Sample TREC paragraphs

    Transition Words:
         Below are a few websites that provide lists of transitional words and phrases.  Use these when writing to vary
         your transitions. 

    Funnel Introductions:
    The funnel introduction is the style of introduction that we will use this year for our essays.  This style is also used by many high school courses.  Below is a link to a document that defines the parts and order of the funnel introduction.  Examples of the funnel will be provided in class. 
    RIC Conclusion:
    R= Restate your thesis (use a transition Word)
           Return to the thesis stated in the introduction.  State the point that you were trying to make again after
           making your case with your body paragraphs.  This may be compared to a lawyer making a cliosing stament.
           After presenting all of the evidence, you return to the jury to tell them why the defendant is innocent/guilty. 

    I= Include and interesting detail, statement, fact, or idea to support your thesis.  This can be an idea that you already used in your essay if it is a very strong and helps to reinforce your position. 
    C= Clincher-The clincher is your last chance to make your case before the reader puts your essay down.  This has to be a strong statement that makes a connections to society.  Why does this topic matter to the reader and to society in general?  This statement attempts to bond the reader with the point you are trying to make.