• The East Aurora Fine Arts program is designed to support, encourage and develop the creative potential in every child, while helping them to appreciate and understand our world. Students will gain knowledge of artistic language, processes and techniques,  through both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional challenges that are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. Classes will experiment with a wide array of materials unique to the world of fine art and explore the work of various artists, time periods and cultures.
     In the Elementary Art Program, students will:
     -explore a wide variety of art materials, techniques and processes
     -develop creativity, problem solving  and individual expression
    -gain knowledge of artistic language and expand vocabulary
    -work both 2-dimensionally and 3-dimensionally
    -learn about artist's, historical perspectives and cultural significance
    -discuss and analyze works of art
    -focus on teamwork and develop good character

    Grades are based on:
    Listening attentively and following directions (lesson criteria)
    Staying on task / Completing Assignments
    Effort / Participation 
    Respect for others and materials
    Grading Key  for grades K,  1 and 2                         
    Grading Key  for grades 3 and 4
    4- Consistently exceeding grade level expectations
    3- Consistently meeting grade level expectations 
    2- Inconsistent in meeting grade level expectations 
    1- Below grade level expectations