• Welcome to Art Class

     This page is intended to provide an overview.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    E mail-Mwhite@eak12.org

    Phone: 687-2490    ext.    1151

    Students will attend art class once  (for 40 minutes) in the 6 day rotation.  I do have art smocks available and we try our best to be careful but occasionally, accidents and spills occur.  Please take note of the letter day (A-F) that your child attends Art.  Students might not want to wear their favorite shirt or sweater that day!

    You can expect to find Art displays decorating the halls of Parkdale.  Student work helps to make the school an inviting place and every child looks forward to seeing their accomplishments hanging up throughout the building. 

    The Art Department holds a - District Wide Art Show and Technology Fair at the high school every May.  Space is limited, so only a few pieces from each class / grade level will be displayed.  If a student’s work is selected for the District Show, a notification letter and formal invitation will be mailed home a few weeks prior to the show. The District Show is a great opportunity to see a sampling of artwork created throughout the grade levels.  The date is posted on the school calendar and on the district website.  It is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend.  So as you can see, work will be coming home sporadically, but rest assured that everything will eventually come home.

    Lastly, I would welcome any “crafty” materials that you might be tossing out - scrap fabric, old yarn, beads, buttons,  wrapping paper, cards, pom poms etc.  Just drop them at the greeter’s desk or the main office with my name on it. Thank you again for your support of the Arts here in East Aurora!   

    Sincerely, Michelle White