• Get to Know Ms. Cavanaugh!

            Hello, I am excited to start my twentieth year with the East Aurora School District. I look forward to working with some familiar faces and getting to know some new families. I am a graduate of Buffalo State College with my bachelor’s degree in Exceptional Education and my certification in Elementary Education. I also have received my master’s degree in Reading. I am an active member of many professional teacher organizations. These keep me up to date with the changes and opportunities in education. I also am an instructor of online courses through the Western New York Teacher Center and the Niagara-Orleans Teacher Center. I really enjoy getting involved in many areas such as community events, clubs, organizations and fund-raisers. In my spare time, I love to bake, read and make jewelry. I live in Orchard Park and have three sisters and one brother that are spread all over the United States!

    Here are my parents and my siblings...

    Mom and Dad Family

    ***5 Interesting Facts***

    *I would love to travel to Ireland someday to visit the County Clare...for which I am named after.

    *I have a major sweet tooth! A day without chocolate...just never happens!

    Do you see where I got if from? My Dad taught me well! I love this picture of my Dad!!!


    *I have a fear of heights! If you see me flying, my head is buried into a book!

    *I listen to all kinds of music. My current library of songs is at a grand total of 3,123 songs! It will continue to grow!!!

    *My nickname is Betty Crocker! I love to experiment in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I can not cook a chicken. However, I can whip up a delicious batch of truffles and brownies!

    Here is an updated photo of my family!
    (Pardon my flip flops...I broke 2 toes the week before and my 3 inch heels were not an option!)