• About Ms. Austin

    I have been teaching since 1988. (I'm totally giving away my age!), after graduating from Geneseo with a Dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and my Masters Degree in Reading K-6. I started teaching as a Special Education teacher in a Pre-K setting in Newark, NY (outside of Rochester).  I then taught a K-2 Resource Room as a Special Ed. teacher in Newark Central School District. I moved to Jamestown in 1999 where I taught a full day Kindergarten class in Bemus Point, NY. I started in E. Aurora in 2002 in first grade and moved to Kindergarten in September '06,  then back to first grade! I then moved to second grade and I'm now beginning my third year in Kindergarten! I've been working hard this summer to make sure we will have a wonderful, positive, fun start to our year!!

    Personally, I have two children, McKenzie and Connor. McKenzie is 21 years old and she is currently attending college locally.  She is studying to be a Child Psychologist, so she will visit our classroom several times this year. She loves my Kindergarten kids so much! :)   Connor is 18 years old and he just graduated from high school and is deciding his next steps in life. Having teenagers makes me appreciate my sweet li'l ones at school even more!  Parents with teens know exactly what I am talking about!! ;)  They are both very busy and I am often the taxi driver, so I truly can relate to your busy family lives at home!! Family time is very important and I look forward to making sure there is a balance between home and school.

    Of course, if listing my family, I must mention our 10 year old black lab/German Short hair Pointer, Charley (who, at 85 lbs., thinks she is still able to sit in our laps), our five-year old pup, Tobias (who is a mini-Charley so the two of them together are SO cute!),  and our foud chickens who joined our family last spring after we hatched them in our classroom. They are so much fun!!
    Our African side-necked turtle, Rex, is part of our classroom and he is very interactive with the students! "Cutie Cute Gerbie" joined in the mix two years ago and he's a true Kindergarten pet, as I'm sure you can tell by the name!  We also have two guinea pigs in our classroom named "Autumn" and "Kiki" and they add a lot of fun to our days because they can be very vocal!!
    You never know what animals might be joining us!  I'm a little crazy like that! :)

    I live in Tonawanda over in the Northtowns which some of you may feel is the other side of the world! (Some of my EA friends feel they need to pack a lunch to travel as far away as I live!! haha!) When you hear on the radio about cars "sitting at the blue water tower" in the mornings, think of me, because I am probably one of them! I live within a mile of my parents which is why I stay... the relationship that my kids have with my parents is worth fighting the traffic each morning!

    I love teaching! I was truly born to be a teacher and once I got over my 5-year-old desire to be a truck driver (I liked the CB language! hahaha!), I knew I was going to be a teacher. The thought of never knowing what will happen next keeps it all so fun and exciting. Children are so naturally funny and want to learn. The questions and comments that I am able to hear on a daily basis make my job the best ever. I often feel I should write a book! I love the challenge of finding what works best for which child... they become like 'my own' and I feel lucky to be able to make such special friendships and be a part of such special lives. I truly love how I get to spend my days and who I get to spend them with which makes me very blessed.

    I look forward to meeting you all... or seeing you again! :) :)
    It will be a great year!