• Speech Pathologists work on a variety of skills with each student, here is a brief description of those areas...

    Articulation, sometimes referred to as speech production, is working with students to teach the appropriate placement of articulators (tongue, lips, teeth) to produce sounds in the correct way.

    Language refers to how we use and understand words.  There are two main areas of language:

    Receptive Language- this is what we take in and understand.  How do we make sense of the sentences, phrases, stories and directions we hear.

    Expressive Language- this is how we use words.  Can we put sentences together?  Tell a story that makes sense?  Tell someone what we need/want?

    Speech pathologists work with some individuals to address issues of fluency, sometimes known as "stuttering".  Others need to address voice quality-they may have a voice that is too breathy, hoarse, or have trouble using their voice at all because of a medical reason.

    This area is also known as "social skills".  We work with students to address how to be socially appropriate, be a good friend and understand social language, body language and peer interactions.