• Classroom Information

    DOG Binders

     It is very important that your child bring their DOG binder to school in his/her backpack each day.  All notes and communication will be sent to and from school in the binder so that important items are not misplaced.  It is also very important that the parent read the information sent home in the binder each night since this is our main form of communication.  Make sure to empty your child’s binder each night so it can be ready for school the next day.


     The children should bring their snack to school each day. Please send in a healthy, simple snack. Your child’s teacher will alert you to any specific snack or food limitations should we need to take extra precautions because of allergy sensitivities.


     Birthdays are special days in Kindergarten!!  Feel free to send in a birthday treat for the class on your child’s special day.  PLEASE make sure the treat is in individual servings (cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cups, etc.) as opposed to a whole cake or pan of brownies.  Please also do not forget napkins, spoons, or anything else that might be needed for serving.

     The teacher will notify you if your child will be celebrating on a different day due to a weekend or summer birthday. 

     Invitations to birthday parties will not be distributed in the classroom unless the entire class is invited.