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    Welcome to The Executive Functioning Skills Page! 

    We will use this platform to share skills and strategies that we are focusing on throughout the year related to Executive Functioning Skills. 

    On the left-hand side of this page, you will find useful tabs for information related to the concepts being covered as well as giving you knowledge of vocabulary and terminology students are being exposed to and using regularly.  Make sure to take a peek so you can engage your students in a conversation about Executive Functioning.  


    You can contact any of us at any time to ask questions or let us know how things are going as that home to school connection is so important! 

    Jill Sengbusch, MA/CCC-SLP EA Middle School, High School & Immaculate Conception School  Speech Pathologist. jsengbusch@eak12.org

    Sara Cropp, COTA EA Middle School, High School & Immaculate Conception School Occupational Therapist scropp@eak12.org

    Stacey Sonner, MS/CCC-SLP Parkdale Elementary School Speech Pathologist ssonner@eak12.org

    Katie Oleksy, MA/CCC-SLP  EA Middle School Speech Pathologist   koleksy@eak12.org 

  • Executive Functioning Skills….What Are They?

    Some of you may wonder what Executive Functioning skills are.  The following is a list of each skill area.  To find more info, click on the coordinating tabs on the left.

    Area 1 Self-Understanding/Self-Awareness

    Area 2 Organizational Skills

    Area 3 Time Management 

    Area 4 Emotion Control

    Area 5 Behavior Control

    Area 6 Flexibility 

    Area 7 Initiative

    Area 8 Attention 

    Area 9 Working Memory 

    Area 10 Persistence