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Community Forum and school tours in East Aurora Schools

The East Aurora School District Board of Education invites district residents to attend a Community Forum and two building tours to become familiar with the proposed Capital Facilities Project and Budget for 2016-17. 

On Tuesday, April 12, Board members and administrators will host a tour of the Middle School at 430 Main Street in East Aurora to show several areas of the school that are included in renovation plans for an upcoming Capital Facilities Project. The tour will begin at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria followed by a Community Forum at 7:00 where a presentation/discussion of the proposed project and budget will address attendees’ questions and concerns. A second tour will be hosted at the High School at 1003 Center Street in East Aurora on Thursday, April 14 at 6:30 PM. The tour will begin in the High School’s main foyer and will feature areas in the building that the proposed project will address.

At the Middle School, the proposed project includes reconfigurations to the building entrance to facilitate improved safety, security, accessibility and pedestrian access to the facility. Masonry, electric, classroom, fiber optic and roof repairs or upgrades would continue where the previous project left off, including much-needed renovations to the music wing and stairwells.

The High School facility would see roof, wall, flooring, gymnasium bleachers, locker room and pavement repairs in the proposed project, as well as the addition of A/C to technology labs and music wing renovations. The project also addresses repairs to deteriorating bleachers, press box, aged running track surfaces, and drainage issues on the outdoor sports fields. 

Only a small portion of facility changes would occur at Parkdale Elementary, which was addressed largely in the last project, and would include HVAC, stage equipment and fiber optic updates.

Voters will be presented with three propositions on the May 17th ballot:

Proposition 1 – 2016-17 School District Budget

Proposition 2 – Part I of 2016-17 Capital Facilities Project

Proposition 3 – Part II of 2016-17 Capital Facilities Project

School Superintendent Brian Russ invites community members to contact his office at 687-2302 to arrange for small group presentations of the proposed budget and facilities improvements.