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An early look at plans for a new Capital Facilities Project

In accordance with mandates from New York State Education Department, Board of Education members and administrators have been reviewing District facilities’ needs throughout 2015, and currently are developing a plan to address repairs throughout the schools. 

In a presentation to the Board on September 23, Mach Architecture defined the needs according to areas of safety, educational program and the preservation of our assets (presentation in right column). The largest components focus on classroom environment, music, athletics, food service, HVAC and fiber optic cable upgrades and roofing, and masonry repairs. 

The smallest portion of facility changes would occur at Parkdale Elementary, which was addressed largely in the last project, and would include HVAC, stage equipment and cable updates.

At the Middle School, reconfigurations to the building entrance will create improved safety, security, accessibility and pedestrian access to the facility. Masonry, electric, classroom, cable and roof repairs or upgrades would continue where the last project left off, including much-needed renovations to the music wing and stairwells.

EAHS would see roof, wall, flooring, bleacher, locker and pavement repairs, as well as the addition of A/C to technology labs and renovation to the music wing.  Outdoors on the sports fields, the project would address repairs to deteriorating bleachers, press box and the aged running track surface, and fix drainage issues. 

The $19.9 million (current estimate) plan will minimize the impact on local residents by utilizing a 67% NYS aid component, money that would otherwise go to other school districts, leaving the local impact at about $6.5 million.