The Great Depression and World War II

Born out of the failed peace of World War I, the Great Depression set the stage for World War II, the worst war in human history, taking well over 35 million lives.   Its consequences and patterns set the stage for the Cold War, and the 21st Century.

Important Links
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This a good place to begin your research into the war.

Great Depression-Wikipedia
The worst economic collapse in human history.

Weimar Republic - Wikipedia
Germany after World War One was not stable, and is generally referred as the Weimar Republic, the city of its birth.

Twelve million people died in the Holocaust, six million of which were Jews.

United States History Memorial Museum
Located in Washington, D.C. the USHMM stands to let others never forget and to say never again.

World War Two Music

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", a wartime radio song about a virtuoso trumpet player, was a major hit for the Andrews Sisters and an iconic World War II tune.