Medieval Europe,
(600 C.E. to 1450 C.E.)

   Medieval Europe is often labeled the period between 500 C.E. to 1400 C.E. This long period of European history is often glanced over as a period of rampaging knights and illiterate monks copying long forgotten manuscripts by candlelight. With the Roman Catholic Church at the heights of its power, dominating religiously, economically, and politically the landscape of Europe. But this myopic view often misses the bigger picture by viewing Europe as only Western Europe, leaving Eastern European history to orphaned status

This is the study guide for chapters 9-11, and 15.

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Music of the Medieval Era

Francesco Landini (1325?-1397) was perhaps the most prolific and celebrated composer of the second half of the Trecento. He is particularly renowned for his polyphonic ballate, over one hundred and forty of which are still extant. Below you are listening to the "Ochi Dolenti mie" performed by L. Frederick Jodry V (counter tenor) and Jesse Antin (baritone).