Foundations of Civilization,
(Prehistory to 800 B.C.E.)

The history of humanity in many ways begins with the development of writing. Humanity did not develop evenly across the globe, but in five localized areas: Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Harrapan civilization of the Indus River Valley, the Shang Dynasty of Huang He River Valley in China, and in MesoAmerica the Chavin and Olmec.


This is the study Guide for Chapter 1.

This lecture covers the origins of humanity and the Neolithic Revolution.
Crash Course in World History #1 - The Agricultural Revolution
In which John Green investigates the dawn of human civilization. John looks into how people gave up hunting and gathering to become agriculturalists, and how that change has influenced the world we live in today. Also, there are some jokes about cheeseburgers.

We Went From Hunter-Gatherers To Space Explorers, But Are We Happier?

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