Welcome to Ancient Military History

This course explores warfare from the roughly 1000 BCE to the 18th century.  We will cover the warfare of the Greeks and the Romans, European feudalism, Asian Martial Arts, the Japanese Samurai, and through to the American Revolution. By focusing on these selected wars, this course will illustrate the causes and results of war, while examining the weapons of each period.  The military leadership, strategies, tactics, equipment, human and natural resources will be analyzed in determining the outcome of the military operation.  Videos, films, readings, and class will aid in discussing these wars. 

Important Documents
Ancient Military History Syllabus
Class Calendar Legend

Class Orange = AP World History
Class Blue = AP European History
Class Green = Global History II
Class Yellow = Military History
Class Pink = Terror, Trade, & Foreign Policy
This is the syllabus for the class.

Ancient Military History Final Project
This is the Final project for the class.  It counts for 20% of your final average.

Important Links
This is an excellent site that allows you to examine conflicts throughout time linked through Wikipedia