• Post Classical Trade Networks

    Posted by Todd Hathaway at 10/16/2017

    From 600 - 1450, trade exploded across the Indian Ocean, providing an almost world network to exchange goods across Eurasia. Today, what would be a similar system?  Would be NAFTA? The European Union? Amazon? Craiglist? Ebay?

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  • Classical Civilizations

    Posted by Todd Hathaway at 9/18/2017

    Greece, Rome, Han Dynasty China, the Mauryan and Gupta Empires in China all are labeled as the "classical civilizations." These states are the foundation of the various, modern regional civilizations in Europe, East Asia, and South Asia. We label the eras "Golden Ages" and exemplify them. But in reality, life was not "golden" during this period for most of the people. 

    Can we really label something a golden age when most of the population lives in abject squalor and terror of their upper class? Are we living in a golden age today? Be thorough in your response.  A one-sentence response does not cut it.

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  • Foundations of Civilization

    Posted by Todd Hathaway at 9/6/2017

    When we speak of someone being civilized, it connotes an idea that the person is refined, controlled, and polite. Yet the text makes the claim the non-civilized hunter-gatherers were relatively egalitarian and less prone to violence. 

    Do you think we are we more "civilized" now? or when we were hunter-gathers?

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