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    We will use this platform to share skills and strategies that we are focusing on throughout the year related to Executive Funcitoning Skills. We are exciting to be working with you this year!

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    Stacey Sonner, MS/CCC-SLP Immaculate Conception School Speech Pathologist ssonner@eak12.org

    This cycle we are working on the concept of organization.  We will be focusing on introducing a variety of strategies to help with organization and figuring out what works and what doesn't for each individual student.  Some of the strategies that we will be highlighting include:

    • color coding
    • highlighting (which can coordinate with a color-coding system)
    • using tabs/ways to organize your binder
    • organizing with a system-grouping like items or with a system that makes sense to you
    • making efficient shedules
    • to-do lists
    • using a timer to complete tasks and help build awareness of how long tasks take
    • prioritizing/planning

    When working in this arena, one of the key concepts is that everyone is different, so there isn't a "one size fits all" type of organization system or tools that for everyone. We will be working with students to figure out what kinds of strategies work for them.  We will be exploring many of the options listed above and incorporating games that practice using different strategies. 


    Organization Strategies Handout

  • Executive Functioning Skills….What Are They?

    Some of you may wonder what Executive Functioning skills are.  The following is a list of each skill area.  To find more info, click on our parent resources.

    Area 1 Self-Understanding/Self-Awareness

    Area 2 Organizational Skills

    Area 3 Time Management 

    Area 4 Emotion Control

    Area 5 Behavior Control

    Area 6 Flexibility 

    Area 7 Initiative

    Area 8 Attention 

    Area 9 Working Memory 

    Area 10 Persistence


Parent Resources