•  October 2017 Administrative Update 
    Russ Brian D. Russ   
    Welcome back!   The school year is off to a great start following a very busy and productive summer.

    We had several retirements this past year hence, a considerable amount of time was spent over the summer interviewing candidates for various positions throughout the District.  I am pleased to report we were successful in filling both teaching and support staff vacancies with highly qualified enthusiastic individuals who will surely have a positive impact on the learning environment of the District.

     As many of you are aware the District has once again been identified by Business First as WNY’s highest performing school district.  This outstanding accomplishment is the result of the collective effort of everyone throughout the school district as well as parents and community members.  While we are proud of this achievement, we acknowledge there is still more to be accomplished.  Improving student performance continues to be our number one value and vision for the 2017-18 school year.  Enhancing the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards remains our instructional focus for all levels of the organization.  A number of our teachers worked this summer developing lessons and unit plans that will serve as an excellent foundation as we move forward.  Further, the administrative team reviewed curriculum initiatives and developed District values that reflect our vision for the new school year.

     In addition to the core curriculum, we continue to offer excellent opportunities in music, art, business, technology, PE/athletics, languages other than English, and STEM.  We are deeply committed to maintaining our focus on educating the whole child to ensure they are college and career ready upon graduation. 

     Again, I would like to thank the community for supporting our most recent facilities project.  We are making significant progress and the components of the project will have a direct impact on our students both in and outside of the classroom.      

     Phase 1 of the school district’s Capital Facilities Project is well underway.  A two month postponement to the district’s original timeline resulted due to an unanticipated delay in approval from the State Education Department (SED).  As a result, though we had planned to start mobilizing the last week of June, we were unable to do so until the end of July.  Fortunately, contractors assembled quickly, despite the delay, and we now anticipate Phase 1 will be 80% complete on or about December 15, 2017. The remaining 20% represents additional roof replacement scheduled for the summer of 2018.

     At the end of September, Phase 1 of the Capital Facilities Project was 50% complete.  The Middle School roofing work is slated for completion in October and all masonry work scheduled to be finished by early December.  Ninety percent of the paving of the High School bus circle and south parking lot is complete.  Later this fall, once all field work and construction traffic has ended, the remaining balance of the High School paving will be completed.  Additionally, all tennis court work is complete and courts are currently being utilized. 

    The stadium work is progressing well with an expected completion date of December 8th.  The site has been prepared for the artificial turf installation on October 16th, followed by the track on November 7th , and the setting of the soccer field sod on or about October 18th.  The goal is to have the grandstands and press box installed by December 1st, contingent, however, on the delivery of materials and completion of both the track and stadium turf.

    As you can see, many positive things are happening within the District and I am both excited and optimistic for the new school year.  Though uncertain financial times persist, we will continue to work together and remain focused on our students’ personal growth and academic success.  Providing our students with an exceptional learning experience is our mission and is only possible with the combined effort of our Board of Education, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, community members and most importantly, our students. 

    Wishing you a very enjoyable and successful school year!

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