International Institute
Model UN Conference at University at Buffalo
March 21, 2017
  • Political and Security Council           
    • Chelsea Putnam and Tessa Nojaim
  • Special Political Council                 
    • Kelly Newelll and Evan Roden
  • Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian    
    •  Emmuelle Cashdollar and Madison Plamer
  • Economic & Finance                           
    • Sam Chassey and Arjuna Velayudum
  • Ad Hoc Political & Security               -

  • Ad Hoc Special Political               
    •  Jake Ellis and Harry Hoffman
  • Ad Hoc Social, Cultural, and Hum     
    •   Danielle Cashdollar and Danielle Chassey
    New Zealand
    • Political and Security Council           
      • Sam McGee
    • Special Political Council           
      • Astrid Larson and Bea Hoffman
    • Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian    
      •  Erin Weppner and Helena Schmidt
    • Economic & Finance                           
      • Russell Payne and Matt Luchsysn
    • Ad Hoc Political & Security               -
      • Kyle Riley and Charles Clark 
    • Ad Hoc Special Political               
      • James Giacalone and Partick Nolan
    • Ad Hoc Social, Cultural, and Hum     
      List of Resolutions
      Ad Hoc Special Political
      Invasive Species
      United Nations Space Program
      South China Sea Territorial Disputes
      Ad Hoc Political & Security
      Pollution Crisis in China
      Clean Water
      Deep Sea Exploration Program
      Ad Hoc Social, Cultural, & Humanitarian
      Creating Socioeconomic, Environmental, Energy Sustainability

      Women's Rights in the Middle East and Northern Africa
      Return of Palestine to Israel
      Economic & Finance
      Loss of Biodiversity Caused by Illegal Wildlife Activities
      International Electric Grid
      Diversifiying One Crop Economies
      Political & Security
      Nuclear Power
      Piracy at Sea
      Russian Occupation of Crimea


      Social, Cultural, & Humanitarian
      Reproductive Health and Safety
      Human Trafficking Intervention
      Special Political
      South Sudan Instability
      The Sovereignty of the People of Jammu and Kashmir

      Crisis in Palestine

      Important Documents
      Please click on this link for the resolutions.
      Important Links
      This is an excellent site that can provide links to various governments, their agencies, and other relevant world agencies.  
      Economist-Country Briefings
      This is a great site to begin researching recent a country's recent past.
      Central Intelligence Agency of the United States publishes a searchable World Factbook reference annual, with data, flags, and maps-- one of the most widely respected online sources of country and world information, with a country comparison and ranking feature.