Model UN Club

Canisius College Conference 

Thursday October 27, 2016
The 2016 Delegates' Guide is now available: Click Here for it.

United Nation Security Council Conference - 2 people per delegation

  • Security Council 1 - Venezeuela     
    Arjuna Velayudum   Harry Hoffman

  • Security Council 2 - Egypt 
    Charles Clark   Kyle Riley
  • Security Council 2 - Spain
    James Giacolone   Danny Vasbindeer
  • Security Council 3 - Germany
    Bea Hoffman   Astrid Larson
  • Algeria
    Lorin Marmion   Mary Beavers
  • Gambia
    Russell Payne   Matt Lucyshyn
  • Jordan
    Eva Tapani   Maia Tolomeo
  • Morocco
    Tessa Nojaim   Chelsea Putnam


  • Algeria
    Madison Palmer E Emmanuelle Cashdollar
  • Germany
    Jake Ellis   Tom Morris
  • Morocco
    Henry Alaimo   Sam McGee
  • United Arab Emirates 
    Helena Schmidt   Erin Weppner
Here you will find a hyper-linked document filled with background articles on the topics for each of the Councils.