Model UN Club

Canisius College Conference 

Thursday November 7, 2013

United Nation Security Council Conference - 2 people per delegation

         I      Azerbaijan   Bryce Potter, Grant Haffenden, Maddie Punnett-Schwenker
         II      Azerbaijan  Will Zink, Ken Vasbinder, TJ Murray
         III     Azerbaijan  Read Bohannon, Ben Seibold,
                Rwanda      Hannah Hitchcock, Tori Vance


Organization of the Islamic Conference - 2 people per delegation
      Algeria   Anne Conoron, Kaitlin P.
      Libya      Maya Tolomeo, Eva Tapani
      Tunisia   Jacob Ellis, Arjuna Velayudum
      Morocco  Sam Chassy, Russel Payne 
      Azeribaijan Andrew Strazzella and Charles Clark

Human Rights Council – 3 people per Delegation


Kenya Rachel Coca, Gwen Frederick
Peru   John Stelley and Andrew Constantin
Thailand Tessa Nojaim, Chelsea Putnam
Romania Connor Jackson and Carl Davidson



Here you will find a hyper-linked document filled with background articles on the topics for each of the Councils.