The American Civil War is the bloodiest war in American history.Tearing both the nation and families and friends apart, this war defined what America was to become, and how we would view ourselves. In this unit, we will examine the nature of this conflict, its struggles,and its eventual culmination.


Important Links

Civil War Battle Summaries By State
Civil War
This site is a compilation of other Civil War sites. A good start for examining the project.

American Civil War History Timelines Battle Map Pictures
Civil War Battlefields
This site provides some good virtual tours of various battlefields and in-depth information.

The American Civil War
This site provides short overviews of various Civil War topics ranging from leaders to music and food.

Home-American Civil War
This is a well produced site that encompasses all aspects of the Civil War.

Civil War Photos, maps and official record reports
This site has thousands of images and photographs of various civil war battlefields and soldiers.

The American Civil War Homepage
This site has compiled Civil War sites broken down into various categories ranging from music, general, resources, leaders, and a state-by-state list of sites.

Historic Preservation of American Civil War Battlefields
This is the site of the non-profit national trust whose mission is to preserve American Civil War battlefields.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
This is the National Parks Service site for Civil War Battlefields.

Civil War Battlefields - National Geographic Magazine
This is a photo essay of Civil War battlefields with a brief introduction to the story.

The US Army's site on the battle of Gettysburg
An excellent site detailing the remarkable life Clara Barton.  Thank you to the Creative Girls Adventure Book Club for the site!